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  • Members receive a "Membership Card" as proof of membership. In some states, this is required as a 'Genuine Reason' to obtain a licence/permit to collect ammunition.

  • Members receive the Association Journal which is published each quarter. The Journal is a well balanced, illustrated publication of approximately twenty-eight pages devoted to all aspects of cartridge collecting. It features information from local and overseas contributors and publications, provides a forum for questions and answers, gives notice of state and national meetings and is a vehicle for presenting related information.

  • Members are provided with current membership lists. Cartridge reference books are available through the Association at cost.

  • Members have the opportunity to purchase a wide selection of ammunition related publications at very competitive prices.

  • Through regular meetings in all states and two national meetings each year, members are provided with the opportunity to meet with other collectors.


In most states of Australia, it is a requirement by law that a Licence/Permit be obtained to legally collect cartridges. Prospective members from such states must first obtain the relevant Permit/Licence before full membership will be accepted by the ACCA.

The ACCA seeks to foster good citizenship and will not knowingly accept for membership any person having a criminal conviction which would disqualify that person from legal firearm ownership in the state, territory or country of residence.

The ACCA is recognised under the current Firearms Acts in all states of Australia. The Association makes representations to politicians and government bodies in order to protect the interests of cartridge collectors and to enhance their standing within the wider community.

The Association fosters and promotes the preservation of, research into, and recording of historically significant material in the form of firearm cartridges and related materials.

The Association seeks to assist members to acquire new specimens and technical knowledge and to increase the number of active collectors throughout Australia and overseas.

Fees are due and payable on January 1st each year.

Annual membership:


Adult $50.00

Pensioner $35 with proof

Family $65 includes partner and/or children under 19 yrs old


Adult $60.00


All categories $35

For membership payments and renewals, write to:

ACCA Membership
1 Banjo Court
2154 Australia

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