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The Association was formed in Victoria in 1979 when a group of dedicated cartridge collecting enthusiasts envisioned the benefits to be gained from meeting together on a regular basis. The Association formalised its structure under the Associations Incorporation Act (Victoria) in 1981. With members being drawn from all states of Australia, as well as overseas, current membership now exceeds six hundred members.

With a National Committee of Management, the Association provides two national meetings annually. The national meeting in May is held at Coonabarabran in NSW while the location of the  October meeting varies from year to year.

To provide for the needs of all members, state or regional branches ensure that regular meetings are conducted locally in most states of Australia.

Main areas of cartridge collecting in Australia include Shotshells, Metallic Sporting, Military Small Arms, Packets and Associated Items. Many collectors overlap on a number of these main areas and, indeed, some collectors appear to cover the full spectrum of collecting options. On the other hand, some collectors specialise in only one aspect such as W.R.A.Co. or DWM headstamps. Of one thing you may be sure, if it is available, someone will be collecting it.

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